How To Care For Your Jewelry

Tips & Tricks to keep your pearls looking polished

1. Keep Your Jewelry Dry

Getting your jewelry wet can cause it to tarnish quickly over time. Protect your items by taking them off when you shower, swim, sweat, or clean.

2. Last On, First Off

Putting your jewelry on after you're dressed and taking it off first when getting undressed can keep it from snagging on your clothes and breaking. This can also keep perfumes, lotions, makeup, or hairspray from tarnishing your items!

3. Storage

You should always place your jewelry in a box or secure container when you take it off. Luckily, when you shop with us we send you a velvet bag to put your pieces in. This helps you from losing your items and slows the process of oxidization (the air) which can tarnish your items. 


How To Care For Your Resin Pieces

Maintain it so you can keep it forever

1. Keep out of direct sunlight

The UV rays from the sun can cause your resin piece to yellow. Keeping it out of direct sunlight will prevent this from happening

2. Clean with soap and water

Resin is really easy to clean and can be done with simple soap and warm water