An Inside Look

Hello Out of Form Members! A warm welcome to you whether or not you purchase from the site. I wanted to share some process photos so folks could get a feel for how things are made here at Out Of Form.

I suppose I should start with an introduction of myself. My Name is Justice Jones, I'm the owner and sole operator of Out Of Form. I create all of the products and do the admin work myself! I started this business with the intention of creating work that made people feel beautiful. I'm a firm believer in creating a sanctuary in your home and on your person that embodies loving who you are and striving for who you want to be.

Most of my projects include the mixing of resin first and foremost. Learning this process was difficult and frustrating but the outcome of a finished piece is my biggest reward. I use these plastic cups but if you guys have suggestions for re-usable products I'd love to hear them! I try my best to re-use all of my mistakes. Often, my molds turn out wrong in color, consistency, etc. but I like to create work with those broken pieces to avoid waste. I hope to eventually reach a point where my business produces ZERO waste because I love this planet and without it, I couldn't Create.

Once the resin has been mixed, it is added to the mold. Then the fun part comes in. You can mix in additives like these gold flakes. Or you can add colors. I'm still learning a lot about how Resin functions and the impact that additives have on the process. I'd love for my customers and friends to be a part of this journey of discovery!

I end my process by taking images of the work or asking my friends to model them! Then I post them on the site and proceed to attempt to market them on my social media platforms. This is actually the part I hate the most haha. My inner critic has a lot to say during this end of the process but she's an asshole so I rarely listen!

Do you guys have any interest in learning more about my process? Please comment below letting me know what it is that you are just dying to see! The process of pouring feels a little bit like ASMR or those videos that are just so incredibly satisfying.

Thanks for joining me!

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