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I first met 5.izzzzz at Juxtaposition Arts when we were both young apprentices and the thing I remember most is that every time I would glance over, their hands would be moving whether it was on clay, pencils or painting, best believe, their hands were in motion. I found that ability to hone in and be consistent an admirable trait. I though to myself; "Here, I am. This 'artist' who needed to spend 40,000 a year attending school to learn the line work this person seemed to naturally have." I was determined to be their friend and now, I have this amazing opportunity to share with their work with an audience!

5.izzzzz' work falls under many categories including but not limited to; Artist, Tattoo Artist, Hair Stylist, Activist, Friend, and Leader. These qualities spill into the abstract works that she creates with paint, spray paint, collage, etc. as well as the work they do in the community. This is a person who has ALWAYS been there, not just for me, but for their friends, showing up to donation drives in her community and expelling knowledge in quick witted phrases that might take you a minute to process, but will definitely change your perspective.

Although this blog and this business is about uplifting voices of POC, the redistribution of wealth to those in need, and providing beautiful items that make you feel like you, I willingly admit that I have selfish reasons too! I'm on a journey of self discovery and I feel the need to quiet the inner critic in my head, much like Danielle Krysa. I'm working through that by asking some of my favorite Minneapolis Artists 3 very important questions;

  1. Why do you make art? Is it like breathing, a necessity, or a way to pass the time?

  2. Who is your audience? Who do you make art for?

  3. What are some options for those reading this blog to support you or your community right now?

These questions are important to me, not for comparison of one artist to myself, but so that I can learn more about the experiences and feelings of my contemporaries about art and their own practice. I believe that there is no whole, no nation, no world, without the voices of all the pieces put together. This is my way of connecting. I hope you can connect too.

Abstract Painting by 5.izzzzz.

Why do you make art? Is it like breathing, a necessity, or a way to pass the time?

"I make art to process my emotions, whether that is presented in the actual piece or not isn't necessary but the act of making art is therapeutic to me, like a release."

I think that we all need release at some point in our lives, however marginalized communities need it quite a bit more than affluent white folks. This is what makes art so important and valuable to our communities. Art is the catalyst for change.

Who do you make art for?

"Depends on what I'm making! I'm a creative at heart, so I believe everything I make is art. My paintings and drawings are self generated but I share them with the world, I enjoy doing tattoos and hair because of how happy people feel when I'm finished. I love getting my hair done or a new tat so I love that I can make others feel that joy."

The proof is in the pudding! Creation is for the self, yes, but it is also for connection. Feeling and giving joy. You can see the joy of creating in every piece that 5.izzzzz makes.

Print, 5.izzzzz

What are some options for those reading the blog to support you or your community right now?

"Money is always going to be the most tangible and helpful for a young artist, I'm always grinding trying to make sales cause at the end of the day we live under capitalism, point blank. That being said, as someone with such a small platform I recognize connections and shout outs as huge selfless acts. I love to see how people display my art once it's theirs, it really shows me that I made something that has value not only to myself, but to complete strangers! That is so powerful."

These are wise words from someone with a huge heart. If all that you've learned today isn't enough to open your wallet or at the very least, hit them with a follow and a share then you need to reconsider. I actually purchased this print directly from them and received it the very next day! They are efficient with their shipping and extremely affordable with their pricing (almost TOOOOO affordable considering their mastery of craft).

Check out their Instagram page to see more dope work and share with your friends

Insta: @5.izzzzz

Don't be shy, slide on over to their Venmo Account and drop something. Trust that what you will recieve is much better than that $80 machine made painting at Target

Venmo: @hardcorestaceyy

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